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Traffic From Rebrandable Reports And Viral PDFs in 2022?!?


Written by Damir Horvat
11 Aug, 2022

RebranderPro v3.0 admin

If you have ever launched a product online (or are about to), the one thing you can't get enough of is quality traffic that converts.

That's why Affiliates and/or JV partners are crucial!

Because they have relationship with their audience and when they choose to promote you, they're putting their best foot forward for you and basically saying to their list members:

"This is good stuff, you should try it."

That's why Affiliate/JV traffic converts best.

But how can you get top Affiliates and/or JV partners to promote your launch?

Well, for one, don't burn their traffic and reputation!

Word gets around quickly on the Internet and once you burn couple of such partnerships you're gonna have tough time getting anyone else to promote you again.

Another tip is to give your Affiliates and/or JV partners all the tools they could use to promote you. Don't just give them affiliate ID and a link to your landing page. Create as many promo tools as you can to help them drive more traffic to you.

What are such tools?

  1. Write custom email swipes.
    While most vendors push the same email swipes to all their Affiliates, smart vendors write custom emails for top Affiliates and JV partners. Because they deserve it, and you want them to push your launch.

  2. Create dedicated landing pages.
    Yes - for each JV partner and top Affiliate. Let them know you're serious and won't destroy their good name by letting their traffic land on non-personalized landing page.

  3. Go extra mile for them.
    Give them something nobody else thought of - special tools, viral sweepstakes in their name or - what I'm specially fond of - rebrandable reports!

Yes, rebrandable ebooks they can rebrand with their Affiliate ID for your launch and email their lists about their branded PDF version.

Why would they want to do this?

Many reasons...

Here's few:

  1. PDF reports carry higher perceived value then just plain email copy.
    And since email reader gets direct PDF download link (no optin, no jumping over hoops), they'll download it, read it, and - if it's written properly, click over to your sales page and buy. Affiliate is seen as a good guy/gal who again delivered value!

  2. PDFs have staying power.
    Email message gets read and that's it. PDFs linger around, can be attached to email and easily forwarded or/and shared online. Once released, good PDF report can drive traffic for years (I know, I'm still getting traffic from PDFs released 3-4 years ago!)

  3. Virality baked in.
    Rebrandable reports - once released, nobody can stop them from spreading - not even Google! Not even you! That's why rebrandable reports have such power if done properly.

But aren't rebrandable ebooks so like 2000?!?

They were.

Rebrandable ebooks got bad reputation in early 2000 because many saw how powerful they were and stated misusing them. Filled with low-value content, those brandable ebooks delivered no value at all. It was only a matter of time when people would start seeing PDF ebooks as low-to-no value stuff and started avoiding them completely.

Plus, many of them were distributed as an .exe files which easily triggered anti-virus software alerts. So people grew to ignore and avoid them.

But, in 2022 rebrandable reports evolved.

  • There's no .exe files, only PDFs
    (forget triggering anti-virus software and they can be read and look the same on every device)
  • They are easily rebrandable
    (everything happens on the web, no "rebrander program" has to be downloaded before Affiliate can rebrand your report)
  • Rebranding is fast, like really fast!
    (Affiliate get's her branded PDF copy within seconds after entering her affiliate ID on a web form)
  • Distributing PDFs is even faster
    Only share link to branded PDF (hosted freely for every Affiliate - this is RebranderPro feature you get built in)
  • Plus many more...

One of the biggest issue with rebrandable reports is keeping links alive inside all branded PDF copies!

You know, shit tend to happen...

Affiliate program you used can go offline or completely change their link structure and render links in your branded PDFs to point to nowhere.

Nobody likes dead links.

Especially your Affiliates and/or JV partners. Again, they want to look good in front of their audience. Dead links in PDFs they sent to their list aren't really a good start... ;-)

That's why I coded "full link control" into RebranderPro.

It's a special feature allowing you to control where links in branded PDF copies are leading to.

And if affiliate program changes, or even stops working, you can easily change all broken links onto another destination - keeping them alive in all PDFs floating around the net.

No more dead links in PDFs!

Now this is just a taste of what new version 3.0 of RebranderPro can do for you (original version has been in active use since 2009).

If you're doing product launches and are using Affiliates/JVs to help you promote them, consider using rebrandable reports as a "special" tool to help affiliates give more value to their audience, and in turn drive more traffic back to you.

I can't vouch for other rebranders, but give RebranderPro a try. You might be surprised how easy ebook rebranding has become in 2022.


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