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Case against direct PDF ebook rebranders (and how is RebranderPro different)


Written by Damir Horvat
8 Jun, 2023

RebranderPro v3.0 admin

Here's a fact most direct PDF rebranders try to keep a secret:

PDF is an image. You can't change it.

If so, how do direct-PDF rebranders work then? How can they "rebrand" an PDF ebook?

Short answer: They can't!

Here's the longer explanation - and when you read it, you too will understand why RebranderPRO is not direct-PDF rebrander, why it works the way it does and why it's so powerful...

Let's go...

Direct-PDF rebranders operate on two levels:

  1. changing HREF attributes inside links, and
  2. plastering mini-images over words inside PDFs

Both options work. Until they don't...

1. Changing HREF attributes for link rebranding

With proper tools and good coding, one can open PDF ebook, search HREF attributes for brandable tags, and replace them with new links. Basically, rebranding a link in PDF ebook directly.

This can work, most of the time. It fails if/when PDF content is "compressed" to minimize PDF file size. Most modern PDFs are compressed nowadays, so just "search and replace" kind of rebranding isn't as easy as it was few years ago.

Another issue arises when link one is inserting into PDF is longer then the placeholder text (brandable tag) being replaced. This destructs inner PDF layout and in most cases shifts whole inner PDF structure out of place, rendering PDF damages, unable to open or plain ugly to look at.

This gets really nasty really fast if link happens to be positioned at the edge of left or right side of the PDF.

As a last-resort attempt to remedy this issues, many direct-PDF rebranders opted for shorter, cloaked links that should fit inside placeholder texts. While this can and may improve the situation, it still fails at the most basic test - it's still an image they're manipulating and there are no guarantees it will work every time.

2. Plastering mini-images over words and links

Since PDFs are visual things, having a nice PDF is important.

Trying to avoid the #1 trap above, some direct-PDF branders are trying to "fake" the whole rebranding by placing small images with text above actual PDF and linking that mini-images do rebranded URL addresses.

Again, while it mostly does work, it still fails at the same points as above - They're still manipulating inner PDF layout, hoping for the best...

Plus, if you happen to use any of non-standard fonts in your ebook, the mini-images plastered above your original text will stand out and be easily visible.

How is RebranderPRO different from other direct-PDF branders?

First, RebranderPRO doesn't work with PDFs...

It works with MS Docx or Libre/Open Office Odt files - the original documents you write your ebooks in.


Because the .docx and .odt files aren't images. They're text based and as such can be easily manipulated. When you upload rebrandable document to RebranderPRO it automatically scans for known "brandable codes", extracts them and list them for rebranding.

This is more then just scanning your ebook for rebrandable placeholders...

RebranderPRO "knows" what you allowed to be rebranded in your ebook. And will always succeed in rebranding. There's no "maybe"... Rebranding will work the first time, second time, the hundred time, thousand time - every time!

And yes, you can make rebrandable more then just links with RebranderPRO...

  1. rebrand images in your ebook (by allowing to rebrand image SRC attribute)
  2. rebrand whole paragraphs of text, not just single words and/or links
  3. rebrand headers and footers in your ebook
  4. and yes, you can rebrand even page's background color if that's your thing...

In fact, there's no limit of what can be rebranded in your ebook by RebranderPRO.

You could, if you wish, add just a single brandable code called say 'RPROCONTENT' and have it rebranded to whatever content visitor would put into the branding field...

I have only scratched a surface what RebranderPRO can do... (don't even get me started on nested branding...)

Try RebranderPRO out, it's free to start.


Hi, I'm Damir, your coder. I've been running this PDF rebrander since 2009 and 15 years later, it's still one of the best PDF rebranders on the market. Join me if you'd like to know more...